Tuesday, January 17, 2012

AT&T Uverse Review...My thoughts? They are incompetent.

I had ATT Uverse for over a year. I tried to get rid of them. I called. I called again. I called a third time. Now today after it was all handled the first time. Then it was all handled the second time, then it was all handled the third time and now I get another bill for service THAT I DO NOT OWE YOU! I terminated your service in September and sent all your equipment back.

It should not be this difficult to cancel service. If you can't handle this simple request by me talking to 3, note 3 different people who all said it's fixed, what else is going on there? You are turning me in as not paying for something I do not owe. I hope everyone who reads this realizes that this is your M. O. This is how you make money by getting people so frustrated they just pay it. Forget it. I'm not paying you and I'm going to encourage as many people as I can to have nothing to do with you or your uverse program.

We have had a parting of ways. I no longer love you and will not be calling you ever again. Drop dead. We are broken up. It's over, through, kapiche? I'm sure you don't understand as you haven't understood anything else I've ever said to the last 3 people who work for you. What is wrong with you? I managed to not call you a name. That is a success. Wish you could have had a success on your end.

My review: do not use. or Use at your own risk with the knowledge that you'll never get out from under them. They're like the mafia. They never go away and you always owe them. Bite me AT&T Uverse.